Lightweight design is more relevant than ever, and composites are the lightest materials of all. But there are many more good reasons for choosing composite solutions. Saab Applied Composites AB (ACAB) is Scandinavia's leading expert in the development and manufacture of composite components. These components allow leading companies to create lightweight, strong, cost-effective end products with optimum performance and a reduced environmental impact. Welcome to Saab Applied Composites AB. We make good ideas even better.

Development and manufacture of lightweight composite components for maximum safety and environmental performance.
Ultra-light, reliable, cost-effective composite solutions for land, sea and air applications.
Customised composite solutions for better productivity, reliability and energy efficiency.

Thesis - Method to Automate Pick and Place Robot Gripper

We are looking for method(s) to automate the pick and place robot gripper for the composite laminate overlay.

Thesis - Method to Automate Composite Laminate overlay

We are looking for method(s) to automate the composite laminate overlay.

Saab Acquires GKN Aerospace’s Applied Composites AB Business

Defence and security company Saab has acquired the company Applied Composites AB (ACAB), based in Linköping, Sweden, from GKN Aerospace. The acquisition will guarantee key technologies for the development of future ground combat weapon systems and advanced radomes.

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